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To get your brand the right amount of attention we think it’s essential to create an emotional bond with your audience. Our way to do that is to create signature communication and design that appeals to deep-rooted, basic human values – whether it’s through an engaging brand name, a bold brand strategy, or striking packaging design. This way we shape the perfect circumstances for your brand.

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Native Design

Design that not only coexists and builds upon the unique circumstances already available, but goes beyond the expected as well. At SNOW DONUTS we combine proven brand strategies with a healthy dose of intuition and years of experience in brand and packaging design.

Our native approach enables us to discover vital concealed elements that are intrinsically linked to your brand. We see these elements as an opportunity to build an even stronger brand.

About Native Design

Caroline Vikanes Moschin

Caroline is a 25 years old italo-norwegian visual designer with a strong passion for packaging design. Driven by a high level of curiosity and empathy, her motto is to design for humans but getting inspired by the planet.

“A packaging is the real home of a brand’s product”

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Like Caroline Vikanes Moschin,
your brand is unique

We know our story isn’t your story and your story isn’t ours. In fact, every brand has its own distinctive circumstances that are at the heart of the story to be told and the product to be sold. So does yours—and we’d love to bring it to life. It’s time to get yourself a SNOW DONUTS brand.