Fruits and Veggies Chips


Rebranding Organic Chips

The successful rebranding we did for GoPure chips signaled the start of an ever expanding assortment. New products including Canyon, Tortilla and Vegetable chips were being introduced and together with Yellow Chips we created this unique and cohesive brand of organic chips.

The latest addition to the assortment is the unusual, but very tasteful combination of fruits & vegetables. We designed the ‘Fruits & Veggies’ line to fit the other products’ identity perfectly, but also made it distinctive enough to stand out as a new segment in the assortment. By putting the focus on fruits we were able to use a fruit garden instead of a potato field as the main differentiator.

Besides that the packaging is enhanced with scenes of the all natural ingredients accompanied by a cheerful character that interacts with the organic products in a fun and uncomplicated way.

Go pure and discover the goodness of the land just like them.


Brand Design - Graphic Design - Line Extension - Packaging Design - Photography - Strategy


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Straight from the land and direct in the supermarket!

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