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Landscape of taste brand & packaging

Koppert Cress

Colorful and Contemporary Re-design

The Koppert Cress specialties differentiate themselves by the uncommonly large variety of flavors. To do all these flavor sensations justice, a design has been chosen that can only be described as a unique tasting landscape. Five well known basic flavors (sweet, sour, salt, bitter and umami) are represented in this flavorful landscape through a set of corresponding colors.

Each product has a unique pattern, combined with the color from the flavor category it falls under, to create product specific color elements. Photography is added to optimally enhance the representation of the tasting experience. The wealth that this whole design radiates is analogous with the rich flavor landscape that the products offer.


Banderol - Cress - Culinary - Dutch Cuisine - Food - Injection molding - Koppert Cress - Rob Baan

Unique polygon flavor landscape for each product

Tell a story with colors

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