Little cow & cookies

The Jersey cows graze on the expansive pastures of the Organic Jersey Farm, where they enjoy deliciously tender grass and wild herbs. Delicious ice cream is made from the creamy milk of these cows. Everything local: the organic ice cream, the organic cookies, and of course the beautiful packaging. The ice cream cup developed by SNOW DONUTS is truly unique, made from FSC wood pulp from circular forest management, 100% plastic-free, and biodegradable!

SNOW DONUTS also developed the brand and packaging design. A colorful line, a playful handwritten logo that links to the craft of the ice master. The tasteful photography with balancing ingredients splashes off the packaging and shows what really matters; the most irresistible organic ice cream! Check out

Big thanks to: Chantal Meertens, Marielle Bordewijk- v.d. Krol Bordewijk, Cor Lustig, Jaap Pleit Zappey, Christian Fielden Sander de Ponti and team SNOW DONUTS. We started with a small club and now the big rollout, on to a fantastic introduction!