Snow Donuts has given the Luiten company a new look. The name remains, but the logo has been completely renewed. To remain recognizable for existing customers, and striking for everyone who encounters Luiten.

Luiten is a family business with a passion for producing artisanal meat products. Since it was founded in 1933, Taste, Quality and Innovation have formed the core of this company. Luiten has grown into a specialist in food concepts and deliveries to customers at home and abroad.

SNOW DONUTS has brought out intrinsic quality and provides a unique, inalienable look to the entire Luiten brand and products. We sketched a powerful brand image: the winged lion, which symbolizes knowledge and vigilance, with the key to a bright new future in hand. Because the brand identity and packaging design have been fully implemented in all communications, no one in the chain can ignore Luiten.

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