Purity captured in a single drop



The CBD products from Procare Nutraceuticals represent pure essence, as extracted from the hemp plant. The purity is represented in the brand’s almost clinical packaging design. The cherished natural power is portrayed in organic photography and the loose-floating product in the packaging.

The organic purity that is intrinsic to the product makes the new brand positioning possible in various new channels. SNOW DONUTS has created playful packaging and branding for PROCARE. Light plays with the semi-transparent printed material and it’s floating content. The bright accent color gives the corporate identity a distinctive and recognizable character. The packaging is made from 100% recycled PET.


Art direction - Corporate Design - Graphic Design - Web Design

Team members

Martijn Pabon - Helmich van Herpt - Antonio Zugasti - Jennifer Wiseman


Brand design - CBD - Corporate Design - Identity - Logo - Non-Food - Packaging - web design

The vial floats in the package - just like the cannabinoid floats in a drop.

This is what we call native design

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