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Blueprint for an organic soda brand

Pure Pop

Organic soda

There’s a craft to creating quality softdrinks, especially if you want to make honest, pure, and 100% organic ones.

When BioSpirits asked us to create a new brand for the introduction of their line of organic softdrinks, we proposed an identity just as pure and simple as their product – but with some added pop.

When we dug up old pictures of the earliest soda production machines, we knew we were on to something. These old fashioned beasts were exactly what we needed to convey what the Pure Pop brand is: natural, organic, yet no nonsense old school sodas.

No fancy tastes like cranberry-cactii, but yet all the originals are here.

Of course, Pure Pop didn’t get stuck in the past; with its all certified organic ingredients as well as popping, bright and simple packaging it caters to todays no compromise customer like no other.

Besides gazing at the pictures, feel welcome to come over and pop your favorite flavor with us.


Brand Design - Naming - Packaging Design - Positioning - Strategy


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