Let us introduce ourselves

We are an international team of brand loving designers and strategists, with a passion for creating outstanding brands.
Spatial insight, up for a challenge and making the impossible possible. Give me a challenge

Martijn Pabon

Creative and analytical design professional with a native passion for marketing & branding and crazy love for all things photographic. Known to be verbally present when it comes to pushing our designs beyond limits. “buy the ticket, take the ride”      

Helmich van Herpt

Creative Director
Driven individual, design junkie, cat lover, always curious about sustainable innovations. Originally from New York, studied in Boston, immigrating to Holland in 2008. Loves to go on a baking spree to spread joy. Loves playing in the garden or vinyl. I am up-beat and always trying to out do whatever I’ve done before.

Jennifer Wiseman

Senior Brand and Packaging Designer
Illustration specialist and calligraphy fanatic, his Spanish roots invoke ‘pura pasión‘ when he works on projects

Antonio Zugasti

Senior Brand and Packaging Designer
Comfort is the opposite of growth. Going out of my comfort zone has taught me a lot and so I would like to approach our projects too!

Frederique de Zeeuw

Project- / Officemanager
” A visual explorer, a storyteller, an experimenter. A graphic designer student at Willem de Kooning. Orginally from Bulgaria, now living in Rotterdam. Mostly interested in branding&visual identity, editorial&print design and packaging design.”

Mirena Mladenova

Junior Designer
Lorena is a 19-year-old graphic design student in Leiden with an ambition to create creative and original designs. She works on Visual Identity and content creation. She is an extroverted introvert with a lot of creativity and likes to go out of her comfort zone to learn new things.

Lorena Vlaardingerbroek

Caroline is a 25 years old italo-norwegian visual designer with a strong passion for packaging design. Driven by a high level of curiosity and empathy, her motto is to design for humans but getting inspired by the planet. “A packaging is the real home of a brand’s product”

Caroline Vikanes Moschin

It's all Native Design!