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Making more from waste

Avalex is the combined waste collector in the municipalities Leidschendam-Voorburg, Rijswijk, Wassenaar, Pijnacker-Nootdorp, Delft & Midden-Delfland. A thorough review of the visual identity came, after indicating the ambition to achieve 75% waste separation by 2020. With a 100kg maximum waste per person. The old, almost “technocratic” style became an obstacle for an organisation wanting to combine forces with those living in the various municipalities. 

SNOW DONUTS was asked to take on the rebranding because of our in depth experience with consumer brands. The catalyst influence our creative work has on changing behaviour also contributed. We made Avalex an identity and more. Making it possible for them to stand side by side with inhabitants, or “neighbours” as we like to call them.

Change is an ongoing process, so please keep an eye out for our Avalex campaigns, events, publications & other great stuff we’re not allowed to talk about yet..

“As collaborative organisation and knowledge centre in waste and raw materials, we aim to facilitate residents in the execution of waste collection in the most environmentally conscious and sociable way possible.

Avalex has evolved. Competitive objectives have been set, together with six municipalities; sustainable with a focus on a better world for us and our children. Our new appearance and logo are symbolic for the circular economy and fit with this new evolution.”

  • Jack Kuin, directeur van Avalex, concerning the new brand


Brand Design - Campaign - Photography


Avalex - Circular - Corporate - Raw materials - Waste reduction

`` Help us break loose from the technocratic company we have become! ``

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