Sprinkles on top



Delicious and honest, freely enjoying the tasty things in life and the openness of the product and ingredients is fully reflected in the new look of the brand and packaging. Sprinkle happiness into your life with a piece of Broderick’s!

The product is the Tiffin, which is made by hand on the plate and then cut. The concept is based on sprinkling the topping on the plate pastry; with a piece of Broderick’s you sprinkle happiness into your life. The light-heartedness of the sprinkles on top, suit carefree, light-hearted entertainment. This is reflected in the final design, tasty elements that reflect richness in taste and ingredients. The handmade is reflected in the spontaneity of photography and the handwritten font.

Team members

Martijn Pabon - Helmich van Herpt - Jennifer Wiseman - Antonio Zugasti - Wanda van der Voort


Brand design - Chocolate - Corporate Design - Food - Identity - Logo - Packaging - web design

Richness of Flavor and Ingredients

This is what we call native design

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