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Private label for premium handmade chocolate


Deliciously handmade

SNOW DONUTS was asked to create a new brand of chocolate; an artisanal chocolate for the supermarket chain Plus. To accompany the artisanal quality of the chocolate, we wanted to create a sustainable design. The goal of the brand was to be a podium for the chocolate. A beautiful contrast in colour by combining a pastel green and off white with the warm chocolatey colours. By incorporating matt and shiny textures in the selected materials, we gave the luxurious value of a gift. The copper details give an additional gloss.

However, the thought process didn’t only include the graphic aspects of design. The folded structural design is what gives this design strength. A metal cake mould and the wrapping of a bar in a piece of paper are the main inspiration for the final design. The folded corners and layered effect inclose the quality grade chocolate.


Brand Design - Naming - Packaging Design - Structural Packaging Design


Bars - Candy - Cardboard - Chocolate - Chocoo - De Truffel - Food - Plus

Artisanal chocolate for the supermarket

A podium for chocolate

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