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A colourful bouquet of emotions

Flora Holland

Re-designing flower boxes worldwide

Flora Holland is an open marketplace where sellers and buyers of floricultural products can meet. Here they can also gain the best knowledge of the worldwide floriculture industry. Flora Holland sells more than 17 million single flower boxes a year to growers. The reason for Flora Holland’s existence is to connect and bring together the links in the floriculture industry.

The final product consists of a timeless, innovative and fun packaging line for single flower boxes. The packaging line consists of 8 design variations for 8 different products, and a selection of size variations per product.

The designs are linked through native design depicting hands & flowers together. It’s not just the flowers, it’s what we want to say with them. Often, we use our hands when talking to convey that emotional information that is impossible to convey with just words. Both the flowers, and the hands we used in the artwork to symbolise this.


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Box - Flora Holland - Flowers - Non-Food

It’s not just the flowers, it’s what we want to say with them

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