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Brand & Packaging design for soil wizards



De brand identity that SNOW DONUTS recently developed for GRO has a little sister. The BLE|\|DED BURGER ®

GRO stands for transition, for growth to circular, plant-based enjoyment. IMPACT comes first. For example, we would rather help more people with less meat than a few with none. That is why there is the BLE|\|DED BURGER ® for all flexitarian and doubters. Half beef, half oyster mushroom.


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Team members

Martijn Pabon - Helmich van Herpt - Antonio Zugasti - Jennifer Wiseman


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The new fifty fifty

Half beef, half oyster mushroom, very tasty.

In GRO‘s visual language, the products are unexpectedly close to the earth. So close, that the products are literally on the forest floor. This is the unexpected contrast that shows what GRO is all about: we can deal with food more logically.

SNOW DONUTS presents this as a modern, minimalistic and natural brand. With GRO goes SNOW DONUTS  back to basic and only enrich ourselves with all the beauty that the earth has to offer us. Thanks to the distinctive branding, it is excellent suited to add something special and unique to the market


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