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The Dutch coastal gin brand, packaging & marketing

Hermit Gin

Dutch Coastal Gin branding

Within six months full of enthusiasm, passion as well as evenings and weekends spent on our dream, Hermit – the Dutch coastal gin – was a fact. Years of creating brands for others taught us everything, but creating a brand of our own gave us a few new tricks. We were going donuts channeling all of our passion into one strong, consistent and – we can say this without boasting – successful brand.

A limited edition distilled gin, with 100% natural botanicals. Made in the Netherlands. A variety of citrus peels (jacket and orange peel) give the gin her delicious freshness. The Juniper berries and coriander seeds give the distinguishing gin flavour. In total, 8 botanicals were used to create more flavour depth and complexity. The secret lies in the added filtered Oosterschelder water, for a surprising briny finish. The result is the only real Dutch Coastal Gin.


Brand Design - Campaign - Line Extension - Naming - Packaging Design - Photography - Positioning - Strategy - Structural Packaging Design


Bottle - Cocktail - Drink - Food - Gin - Hermit Concepts B.V. - Liquor - Premium - Tonic

From idea to your favourite bar in less than six months

A true Snow Donuts brand

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