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The relaunch of a fairtrade gift brand

Return to Sender

Creator meets consumer with Katja Schuurman’s Return to Sender

SNOW DONUTS developed the new identity, including a unique photography concept putting both worlds at the foreground. What do these powerful makers have to offer? How can you do something in return? Pass it on? Who gives and who receives? Both worlds deserve an equal placement; it’s not a one way street. The Return to Sender identity does exactly that: show the strengths of both perspectives.

By being consistent in the application of mirroring, we encourage you to marvel and create the opportunity to change your perspective. This is not only seen in the turned letters in the logo, but also in the proud photography, where the products shaped by top designers fit the arms of the maker as much as they do your interior or outfit.

“…the result was impressive immediately. Usually design concepts have to go back and forth ten times at least, but you have managed to create a beautiful and powerful logo in one go – FIRST TIME RIGHT. This was such an important foundation…”

Baukje de Nekker, managing director Return to Sender


Brand Design - Positioning


Accessories - Design - Fairtrade - Gift - Home Decoration - Katja Schuurman - Non-Food - Return to Sender

Handmade design products from all over the world
applying mirroring, we encourage you to change your perspective

This is what we call native design

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