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The first plastic-free packaging for earplugs!

A distinctive product naturally deserves distinctive branding and packaging.

Shush, earplugs with a ceramic filter that optimally filters out harmful & harsh sounds, without compromising on pure and undistorted sound.

The tranquility that these earplugs bring is reflected in the name we created for the brand, but also in the calm, rippling (sound-)waves on the minimalist packaging. Get what you see.

The same peace of mind can be found in the design of the sustainable inlay, inspired by design in ceramics.


Art direction - Brand Communication - Brand Design - Brand Style Guide - Graphic Design - Naming - Packaging Design - Strategy - Structural Packaging Design

Team members

Martijn Pabon - Helmich van Herpt - Jennifer Wiseman - Antonio Zugasti - Emiel Fabel


Branding - Earplugs - Logo - Packaging - Plastic free - sustainable

Curious about what our branding & sustainable packaging can do for your brand?

You know what’s great about a brand like Shush?

By taking a good look at what is unique about a product, and where it natively touches on what the target group needs, a distinctive brand is what you end up with when you know what to look for.

You can’t see the special ceramic material used in the earplugs at all. Yet this does ensure the superior quality of the earplugs. It’s this quality of sound that makes them Calming to use. That tranquility is not only found in the name, the minimalist packaging, but this brand DNA also continues its influence with the packaging inlay. Now everyone who buys SHUSH earplugs experiences this unique products qualities both upon buying and when unpacking.

The box is made from FSC certified raw materials and the tray from sugar cane waste. The entire packaging can go with the old paper, but to be honest, I would still like to keep it…

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