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Alongside the new proposition, focus shifts to exploration of taste in the new Simon Levelt stores. SNOW DONUTS created branded packaging to not only go along with this new brand promise, but fully carry this promise in store as well.
As brand & packaging agency we searched for one image to represent this layered discovery. The layered green band that links the different shapes and sizes in packaging is the sum of everything that has to do with taste and the discovery thereof. The cloud seen in hot water when making tea, the different layers that give coffee its taste, the layered landscapes of the plantations, how you might add milk or honey to your drink of choice; all of this is represented in the “green cloud” found on the packaging. It’s for you to discover.

These are the packaging designs that not only make the individual products look good, but elevate the look of the whole shop.

Either fresh or prepackaged, the feeling of high quality for all the products is at the same level. The graphic is combined with natural, but distinctive materials that fit with the mostly organic products.


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Drinks - Food

Sustainable and fresh branded packaging

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