VCC is daring, dynamic & friendly

VONK Culinary Cheese

Dairy products for wholesale, food service & retail

A unique brand design, the large logo on the packaging radiates the personal culinary signature loosely and organically. The claimed color can best be described as foodie aquamarine and creates a sea of ​​recognisability and distinction.

SNOW DONUTS has brought intrinsic quality to the fore ensuring a unique inalienable appearance of the entire VCC brand and products. Because the brand identity and packaging design has been fully implemented in all communications, no one in the chain can ignore VCC.


Analyse - Brand Design - Corporate Design - Graphic Design - Packaging Design - Photography - Photography - Positioning - Structural Packaging Design

Team members

Martijn Pabon - Helmich van Herpt - Jennifer Wiseman - Marlene Snijder


Art direction - Brand design - Branding - Burger - Cheese - Corporate - Corporate Design - Food - Identity - Illustration - Label - Logo - Nacho - Packaging - Pizza - Stationery

The culinary quality is represented in the design by the aquamarine splash, the loose organic logo & the contrasting professionalism.

An aquamarine sea of recognition & distinction.

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