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Snow Donuts has given kids most favourite Wicky a new look. The recognisability remains, but the appearance has been completely renewed. To stay recognisable to existing fans, and striking to anyone who passed Wicky.

Wicky has been around for generations, and can be for kids and stubborn children of all ages. Wicky’s nostalgia also fits between all the retro and health trends. This did not require much change in the structure and hierarchy, but we did needed a less candy cane appearance. So get rid of the hyper realistic, bright pink raspberries. The rough illustrations better show the energy of Wicky. They are more in line with the new recipe with real, but less sugar than before. We have extended this dynamic with more variation per taste within the line. For the fun while enjoying and drinking every pack of Wicky.

Did you know that Wicky Original only uses natural flavours and does not contain any preservatives and no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners?

With a new colourful and trendy packaging, Wicky Original is #Cheekytasty like never before!


Art Direction - Brand Communication - Corporate Design - Graphic Design - Photography

Team members

Antonio Zugasti - Jennifer Wiseman - Martijn Pabon - Helmich van Herpt - Qwen Sterenberg - Marlene Snijder


Art direction - Branding - Communication Agency - Corporate Design - Digital - Food Industry - Identity - Marketing Agency - Multimedia Communication

Less sugar, more fun!

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