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Wood Loop

Design for the circular economy

Royal CBM introduces: Wood Loop

The Dutch furniture sector makes considerable demands on the natural raw material wood. Every year, 635 kilotons of wood are consumed. Unfortunately, as much as 20% of this is lost during the production process and for the most part MDF and chipboard.

The loss can be reduced if the recycling of wood waste is organized on a larger scale, easier, cleanly and more efficiently. That is why Koninklijke CBM, the branch association of furniture manufacturers and interior builders, has set up Wood Loop: an innovative organization that enables every wood processor, retailer and panel material producer to recycle MDF and chipboard easily and affordably.

SNOW DONUTS was responsible for the Wood Loop branding. The name sticks immediately, the logo nice and loose, the warm color palette, the positive line that connects the people in the chain; sustainable together!


Art Direction - Brand Communication - Brand Design - Corporate Design - Graphic Design - Naming - Positioning - Strategy

Team members

Jennifer Wiseman - Helmich van Herpt - Martijn Pabon - Antonio Zugasti - Emiel Fabel


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Brand identity and communication for Wood Loop, a sustainable initiative of Koninklijke CBM

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