Mogen wij ons voorstellen?

Wij zijn een internationaal team van brand-loving ontwerpers en strategen met een passie voor het creëren van uitzonderlijke merken.
Spatial insight, up for a challenge and making the impossible possible. Give me a challenge

Martijn Pabon

Strategy Director
Creative and analytical design professional with a native passion for marketing & branding and crazy love for all things photographic. Known to be verbally present when it comes to pushing our designs beyond limits. “buy the ticket, take the ride”

Helmich van Herpt

Creative Director

Susan Teiwes

Jr. Account & Project Manager
Brand enthusiast, peoples person, likes to make others smile, hates getting up early. Loves hamburgers, tries to work out, gets things done. Call him ; )

Arthur de Haan

Creative Brand Strategist
I am a French designer from Paris. I previously worked in Houston, Texas Funfact : I am used to drink my tea very hot I like: Les chouquettes, to walk kilometers and be surprised but I hate clichés
“Those who are easily shocked should be shocked more often”
-Mae West

Camille Lamarre

Senior Designer
Good mood, enthusiastic, spontaneous, most of the time I knock over my coffee or tea. Like cats, hate the colourful waiting circle from apple. “Every little thing is gonna be alright”

Lauren Noort

A bit nerdy interested in the unknown and knows too many keyboard shortcuts. fun fact I have a giant rubber band ball as a desk toy. I really like motorcycles and I hate slow computers.
“Appeltje-Q, appeltje-D”

Tijmen Stieber

Curious, Imaginative, Quirky, Compassionate, Open-minded.
I’m clumsy (it’s genetic) I like travelling and I hate not having something to do.
“Worrying means you suffer twice”- Newt Scamander/JK Rowling

Madelein Ovens

Coming soon!

João Correia

Coming soon

Tim Enghardt

Always up for a challenge, enjoy life to the fullest

Janny van Dolderen

Office Manager
Are you looking for an internship within a creative agency? We want you to be our new branding, packaging and/or graphic design hero!


Intern(s) Summer/Fall 2018
It's all Native Design!