Graag stellen wij ons aan je voor

Wij zijn een internationaal team van brand-loving ontwerpers en strategen met een passie voor het creëren van uitzonderlijke merken.
Spatial insight, up for a challenge and making the impossible possible. Give me a challenge

Martijn Pabon

Strategy Director
Creative and analytical design professional with a native passion for marketing & branding and crazy love for all things photographic. Known to be verbally present when it comes to pushing our designs beyond limits. “buy the ticket, take the ride”      

Helmich van Herpt

Creative Director
Driven individual, design junkie and cat lover. Always bringing a positive and bubbly vibe to the atmosphere. She is the shortcut queen and company DJ. Our company chicken ‘Wouter’ can always be found chilling on her desk. *tok tok* 

Jennifer Wiseman

Senior Brand and Packaging Designer
Illustration specialist and calligraphy fanatic, his Spanish roots invoke ‘pura pasión‘ when he works on projects

Antonio Zugasti

Senior Brand and Packaging Designer
Loves efficiency, creativity and nature. Will get to the bottom of it. Live and Learn!

Wanda van der Voort

Project- / Officemanager
Always up for a challenge, enjoy life to the fullest

Janny van Dolderen

Office Manager
A creative design student who was born and raised in the small Middelbug. Loves: photography, cooking and things that people would most likely call “pretty nerdy”.

Wessel van Berkel

Communication and Multimedia Design Intern
A design student from the distant land of Belgium, who came all the way here to learn more about his favourite subject: branding. Loves movies, typography and above all, meeting new people.

Emiel Fabel

Information and Communication Design Intern

Luxembourgish born, lives in Germany, left her heart in South America. A creative daydreamer, always on the sunny side of life and a true born cat lady. Don’t put me in a box unless it has confetti in it.

Michelle Liesch

Media and Communication Design Intern
Are you looking for an internship within a creative agency? We want you to be our new branding, packaging and/or graphic design hero! Check out our jobs page to see if there are any open vacancies!


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